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Why Lantana Cottage Soaps?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Photo of pink and yellow lantana flowers
Native Texas lantana flowers in my garden

Lantana Cottage Soaps really started sixteen years ago when our family bought a 1935 brick cottage-style house on the edge of the Eastside Historic District in Bryan. We've always loved older homes, but being able to buy our own was a real blessing. When we purchased the house, our front garden included a lovely butter-yellow lantana bush in it that still prolifically blooms every year, to the great delight of the area butterflies.

I quickly fell in love with lantana, a hardy Southern native, and was delighted when several of the pink and yellow variety happily established themselves along my front and side walkways. Thankfully, they did not need me to plant them because my semi-green thumb and rocky relationship with gardening is well known. But because of those lovely flowers, I've thought of our house as "Lantana Cottage" for years.

When my daughter and I first started talking about taking our love of natural products into the commercial realm, the name Lantana Cottage Soaps quickly became the first choice for the name of our new company. Our family loves our cottage home in part because of the history and heritage that it represents. Our handmade personal and cleaning products not only draw from nature for their ingredients - utilzing high-quality base ingredients like olive oil and natural scents from essential oils - but our soap making process draws from a rich heritage of traditional skills that have almost been lost in our modern world of commercial production.

Whether you are using our milk soaps and other personal-care products, our all-purpose cleaning spray for your home, or our bug balm to ward off pesky insects, you are benefiting from the bounty of the natural world for cleansing, protection, and overall healthy living. You are also connecting to a heritage of self-sufficiency that goes back to pioneer times when people provided most of their household products with their own hands.

From our cottage to yours...welcome to Lantana Cottage Soaps.

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