About Us


Lantana Cottage Soaps was born out of our family's growing interest in living a healthier lifestyle. Over the past few years, we've slowly been exchanging many of the commercial products in our home for more natural alternatives. We've also been exploring a greater level of self-sufficiency.

I've been a homemade soap "junkie" for years. I couldn't pass a shelf of homemade soaps without exploring! I'm not only drawn to the unique scents and textures, but also to the  very idea of "homemade" vs. buying from a store shelf.


As my daughter got older and began raising her own family, she also started to share in my passion for a healthier home. She loves everything handmade and leads the way in our journey toward greater self-sufficiency. 

In 2017, she and I decided we were ready to share our love for natural products with others by partnering in our own business; as a disabled veteran she also needed work she could do from home. Since we've lived in a 1935 English-revival cottage for nearly two decades - a house surrounded by exuberant lantana bushes - our business name was an easy choice.

We invite you along on this journey to a healthier lifestye with us. Explore our line of personal and home products, check out our blog, or feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. We love sharing what we've learned over the years about the benefits of natural products. and we love hearing from our customers.

From our cottage to yours...