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It's Finally Autumn in Aggieland!

Autumn is finally here!

If you live in Texas, or you've ever been here for the change of seasons, you know that fall means we can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the endless summer heat blows out and the cooler air blows in. Well, okay, I breathe a sigh of relief. The rest of my heat-loving family breaks out the winter weather gear and starts complaining until some time in late spring!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we had hoped to make our first big craft fair this fall, but the pandemic still has a lot of those fairs shut down. We'll just shift our focus to spring and hope for the best. But autumn's cooler weather means we're BAAACCKKK at the Brazos Valley Farmer's Market. We are at the market the 1st and 2nd Saturdays of every month from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. We will also be there on Saturday, October 31st, for their Halloween market. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the great weather and come join us and all the other vendors. The market is growing so there are plenty of fantastic items to explore!

We might not have been at the market over the hot summer months, but we weren't idle. I'm pleased to say that our products are now in Village Foods & Pharmacy. They've been one of our favorite places to get healthy foods, herbs, etc. for many years and we're delighted to be partnering with them. You can find our products right next to the checkout counter.

I'm one of those purists who hates it when my holidays overlap (think Halloween decorations on the shelves in late August!) But autumn inevitably means that Christmas will be here before you know it and we have something special planned this year. We are hard at work putting together gift baskets with sample-sized products for that special someone in your life. They are also priced to be a great option for holiday gift exchanges at your office or social gathering.

Our gift baskets will be available starting the first of December at the farmers' market and on our website. We will be offering both a standard basket with products in a variety of scents as well as a special "man basket" with products that all feature our signature scent for men (bourbon, tobacco, leather, and sandalwood). We know from experience how hard it can be to find a gift for the guy in your life...these baskets can make that process a little less painful. This scent has won over many a skeptical man who was following his wife/girlfriend/daughter around the market and got trapped at the soap booth. The look on their faces when they reluctantly sniff it and then realize we really do have a scent for men - and it smells GOOD - is quite comical.

While we're on the subject of gift giving, I wanted to remind everyone that we also offer gift cards in any denomination. These can be a great stocking stuffer, an office party gift, or a great way to send a gift to someone far away. We ship throughout the continental United States.

While the fresh winds are blowing in, we are also bringing out fresh products. We've had a number of customers ask us about candles; this fall we're rolling out our line of beeswax/tallow container candles in a variety of scents. Initially, they will be available exclusively in our holiday gift baskets (yet another reason to check those out). Our standard and man baskets will include a single candle, but we will also have candle-only gift baskets with three scents in each. We'll start offering our larger beeswax/tallow container candles in a variety of scents in the spring.

Do you have someone who just can't do the scented body or home products? We can still cover your gift giving needs with our handmade kitchen products. We offer beautiful, hand-crocheted dish clothes with both individual cloths and color-coordinated bundles available. We also have dish scrubbies in a rainbow of colors. These long-lasting scrubbies are good for everything from glasses and china to pots and pans.

Last, but not least, we have a new line of hand-woven hot pads in two sizes and a multitude of colors to fit any decor. These will also be available as both individual items and as sets.

Whew! Just telling you about all the great items we are offering for the upcoming holidays is wearing me out...but having that many awesome gift options in one place might just make your holiday shopping a little less exhausting this year. Remember, if you're local you can explore all the great new items at the farmers' market starting the first weekend in December. If you don't make it by the market, or you're not local, check out our website for gift ideas starting the first part of December.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday season. Whether you can gather in person, or you're still sharing special moments only online, cherish the memories you make just by being together. From our cottage to yours...

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